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FOX News
Sep 21, 2012 12:00pm PDT
returns. he didn't do that. they said no. they didn't do it. carl cameron is live in los angeles where the governor is campaigning. what do we know of the 201 taxes? >>carl: well, we will see the actual documents. it will be hundreds or thousands of pages stick. adjusted gross income $13.6 million for 2011. the tax rate was $1.9 million, which is 14.1 percent. charitable donations, $4 million, which is 30 percent of adjusted growth income but only claimed $2.25 million as charity. they could have taken a bigger one and decided not to. the 1990 to 2009 average tax rate to the romneys was 20.2 percent. he said he had never paid less than 13.5 percent this year he was asked by a reporter if he could guarantee he never paid less than that, he said he could. the reason he did not choose to take the full $4 million charitable deduction and only took half, in doing so he was able to make sure that his tax rates stayed over 14 percent. if he took the full $4 million charitable donation deduction it could have been as low as 12 percent or, perhaps, even 9 percent. he did not do that to keep the
Sep 12, 2012 6:00pm EDT
of industries. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles. presented by kcet, los angeles.
Sep 11, 2012 7:00am EDT
range of industries. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles. presented by kcet, los angeles.
Sep 15, 2012 7:00pm EDT
corporations. what can we do for you? >> "bbc newsnight" was presented by kcet los angeles. by kcet los angeles.
Sep 16, 2012 8:00am EDT
angeles. by kcet los angeles.
Sep 15, 2012 5:00am EDT
angeles. by kcet los angeles. stocks fell on worries that china might... announcer: the new pbs for ipad app. you'll never know what you'll find. [dog barks] announcer: available now in the app store.
FOX News
Sep 5, 2012 6:00pm PDT
majority didn't vote to approve the change, the los angeles mayor went ahead with it anyway. here's why, in his teleprompter, the script was already load, ordering him to declare that, quote nthe opinion of the chair, two-thirds having vote in the affirmative, we are going to continue all of this and continue the coverage here on "hannity." but first, let me welcome the reverend jesse jackson. >> good to see you. >> sean: this will be the convention that we will remember as the time that god was nay'd and boo'd by the democratic national convention? >> what i really think is that jesus at pon toint point said, lord is not the issue. it is not the name god, it's the will of disbod that's at stake here. we must focus not on whether we name god, allah, ya way, but we feed the hungry. >> sean: but we are not talking about feeding the hungry. we are talking about the democratic party boo'd and loudly and three separate times they boo'd, obviously a majority wanting it to stay the same with god taken out and jerusalem as the capitol of israel taken out. that's a reaction that the country has
Sep 24, 2012 6:00am EDT
occupations. here is the top five -- silver lake is in los angeles at number 1, #two is the mission district in san francisco number 3 is williamsburg which is a neighborhood in brooklyn, new york four is a neighborhood in chicago, five is portland, and number six is a neighborhood in d.c.. . you can guess which one it is. >> we'll get somebody mad. >> there is a lot of it never as in d.c. i will say columbia heights? >> noma? >> nice try. they are all good guesses but number 6 on the list is the h street corridor. number 8 on the list is capitol hill but it is not our capitol hill. it is a neighborhood in seattle washington. we want to know which neighborhood you think across our area is the hippest. go to or are facebook page 2 weigh in. >> that makes sense. >> the time is 6:42 and time to get the latest on the weather. >> it is a beautiful morning. i can't get enough of our tower cam. we are recording the time lapse that adam caskey will have at the noon hour. look at that sandwich of aren't in the picture today. 51 degrees in arlington and 48 in chantilly. we will get rid of t
Sep 29, 2012 7:00am PDT
but hasn't publicized it. >>> los angeles want process football back. the l.a. city council has unanimously approved a plan to build a 72,000 seat stadium in downtown los angeles. price tag, 1.2 billion. now, while unions are in favor because of the jobs it would create, stadium opponents are concerned about traffic, air quality and noise. it's still unclear if the city wants a current n.f.l. team like the raiders or an expansion team. the rams move from l.a. to st. louis 17 years ago. >>> well, work getting under way on the bart track today in the east bay could affect your commute. >> and he showed up at an anti- violence rally with a bat. dallas braden goes to anger management classes. >> afternoon highs sowed soar to record high -- could soar to record highs. hot weather on the day. what you can expect this weekend, coming up. >>> local dog owners are marching against republican presidential nominee mitt romney. they are holding an event to protest romney's treatment of his dog seamus. they say the dog was subjected to near hurricane force winds on the top of the car. today's event be
Sep 22, 2012 6:30pm EDT
campaigned across california today with stops in san francisco, san diego and los angeles there been he travels to denver. and a little later on this evening, at about 40 minutes from now, firstly michelle obama will address the congressional black caucus foundation in their awards dinner. it is held each year as part of their annual legislation conference to honor african- americans who have made significant contributions. that is at 7:30 p.m. eastern time. in less than two weeks, the presidential candidates meet for the first time in the first of three debates. the first one is wednesday, october 3 from the university of denver. you can see that live on c-span, c-span raider, and online at c- another rally this week in milwaukee, mitt romney spoke. ♪ i was born free >> good afternoon. good afternoon. isn't it great to be on this market campus? [applause] i am a proud mother of a freshman student here on campus and, when i get a chance to see my son or talk to him, i most appreciated. thank you, matt. thank you for coming out. scott and i are asked all the time why we do wh
Sep 1, 2012 2:00pm EDT
will show you "newsmakers," where we have los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa. he talks about how the democrats' convention will differ from the republicans and areas where he thinks republicans fall short -- like on immigration and the future of medicare. that is tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern. >> as c-span covers the republican and democratic party conventions this year, here's what some viewers have had to say that the candidates -- >> i thought governor romney had to do two things in his speech tonight. explain why obama deserves not to be reelected, and the other is explain why he, governor romney, deserves to be reelected, as well as giving some idea of the roots of his values. sort of an introduction to america at large, and i think he largely did a good job. >> i thought the speech honestly was a fairly good speech. it did reintroduce romney to the american public. however, it did not change my mind. i will still vote for president obama. >> i watched the whole convention. i am extremely impressed. i was undecided. now i am decided. i am 100% and from the --
Sep 9, 2012 5:00pm PDT
their thunderstorms there. this right here tracking towards the west, towards the san fernando valley area, and los angeles getting ready to get hit with moderate rain. if you have late evening flights, there could be flight delays in those regions overnight tonight as the thunderstorms will continue to develop and push on from east to west. here's a look at some current readings. 81 in fairfield. antioch, 85. 54, san francisco. santa rosa, 83. 75, los gatos, 72, san jose. the highlights for at least the next five to seven days, cool overnight tonight, with some coastal clouds. get ready for sunshine, mild day for your monday, and then each day this week we start to warm up just a little bit until get into wednesday and thursday, two of the warmest days for the work week. santa rosa this morning at the airport, 39 degrees. it's going to be cool with the clear sky there, so 43 overnight tonight. san francisco, touch of fog. 53, and in the east bay, antioch, 58. we had a very weak area of low pressure push to the north of us, but it's a little cooling today, and replacing this low, we're going to get
Sep 30, 2012 3:30pm PDT
. in los angeles, they called it carmageddon 2, part of the 405 freeway shut down for repairs. the project started yesterday and will be done by tomorrow's commute. if the contractors missed their deadline, they'll be fined $6,000 per lane for every ten minutes they're late. >>> and tonight we notice the passing of a towering figure in american journalism. arthur solsberger. he decided to publish a secret government history of the vietnam war known as "the pentagon papers" when nixon administration demanded h he stop publishing the article, the paper refused. he was 86 years old. >>> we're back in a moment with some final thoughts from afghanistan. and every day since, we've worked hard to keep it. bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help people and businesses who were affected, and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy -- and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. we've shared what we've learned with governments and across the industry so we can all produce energy more safely. i want you to know, there's anot
Sep 10, 2012 4:30am EDT
white and the huntsman. and that is your eye on entertainment. teresa garcia, cbs news, los angeles. >> i liked that movie. >>> good morning and thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm mike haiduk.
Sep 3, 2012 8:00pm EDT
. speakers include steve kerrigan, anthony fox, and the los angeles mayor and chair of the convention, antonio villaraigosa. this is about 40 minutes. >> and good morning, everyone. welcome to charlotte. we are desultory -- we are excited to get things kicked off. last week, governor romney and congressman ryan had the opportunity to let off a division. the questions most americans are focused on. they failed, given that opportunity. we look forward to having this conversation this week about where we were 2008, where we have come, and how we have built the economy for the middle class out to restore economic security for the middle class. with me this morning are the -- is the ceo of the democratic convention, steve kerrigan. mayor fox. charlotte. our convention share. mayor villaraigosa and the dnc secretary. between that group which should be able to answer, if not all, many of your questions. if with that, i will turn it over to steve kerrigan. >> thank you. good morning, everybody. as ben said, in the ceo of the democratic national convention committee. on behalf of our team, i w
Sep 21, 2012 9:00am PDT
in los angeles as we have been reporting, but there it is. it's just so beautiful to look at obviously they've been in use for 30 years now, but in 2011 that is the end of an era, and it's certainly always been beautiful to look at and a little bit of nostalgia, and as we say, dream-o-vision. final stop museum in los angeles. a little fly-over now in sacramento, california. we'll keep an eye on the endeavour and that jumbo jet. let's get one good look at it. there it is as it makes its way across. all right. never get enough of that. moving on now. so what's topping the music charts in denmark? ♪ >> all right. well, we're going take a listen. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth! not quite knowing what the next phase was going to be, you know, because you been, you know, this is what you had been doing. you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be, and i get the chance to spend more
Sep 3, 2012 7:00pm EDT
, southeast of downtown los angeles. the pius had three children feared on the right is their youngest child, eunice, with 16 or 17 in this photograph. on the other end of the left is mary who actually then became merry manbo. it is on the left the photographer's wife. and in front of jim as james grandmother, also named bill, but was called billy in the family. billy came along and early 1840s. probably shot sometime in 1943, said he is about three years old there clutching his little toy airplane. mary went to the frank wickens street school as well. that is where she met bill. she was studying to become a seamstress. she costume design for theater come amiss among other jobs. then there was a third child, fannie, a boy. by 1941, sammy who is not pictured in this photograph that you meet him later was at you see berkeley and the rotc program in 1941 and units as they say was in high school. give them some accounting work for a japanese language school as a consequence of doing that accounting work, dean affiliated with the jet and a school, he was arrested in march 1942, several months aft
Sep 17, 2012 1:00pm PDT
, after his speech here in los angeles, we tried to go up to the gop nominee and ask him that question. he did not respond to our question. but he did do an interview with telemundo earlier this afternoon. and he told telemundo he's happen with his campaign staff and his top advisers are staying put. >> jim acosta, thanks so much for that report. romney's retooling comes just after politico published a detailed insider's account of his campaigs recent stumbles based on interviews with unnamed staffers. politico executive editor jim vandehei is one of the article's authors. jim, as we read through that report, i've read it a couple of times, it really paints quite a picture of the romney campaign over the last several weeks. what's the takeaway? >> well, first off, thanks for having me on, joe. ting takeaway is you have a campaign that's really sort of hit real turbulence. i think it really started after the convention where you started to have a lot of conservatives, "the wall street journal," "the weekly standard," trent lott. other republican officials followed them in criticizing romney
Sep 21, 2012 6:00am PDT
. from new york, chicago, to los angeles, apple fans have been lining up for days. some people were selling their spots in line with prices reaching as high as $500. so, maggie, is the fanfare dying down a bit? >> reporter: it is. sort of shifting, carol. in anticipation of getting in to the now fascination of getting into the gadgets they've been waiting for. i don't know if you're a football fan. the only way to describe a day like today is really this is the technology world's version of tailgating. this isn't just about the product itself but really about the experience that happens here. i want to show you what's going on in the line. you have this sort of spectators and there are still some customers that are penned up, snaking their way around. we can actually see the end of the line now. earlier this morning it wrapped around the block. who are these people? some of them are die-hard apple fans. other people tried to preorder. it was so popular, remember, 2 million phones sold out in 24 hours, that they cldn't do it over the internet. they were forced to come down here and c
Sep 4, 2012 3:00am PDT
's take a brief time-out to get the latest latest from lisa ferguson out in los angeles. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. the democrats have a lot to live up to this week after their convention in 2008. and here are a few things to watch out for as the dnc kicks off today. first off this is the democrat's big chance to make their case to american voters and respond to republican's attacks last week. more than 2/3 of people say they are not happy with the direction of the country meaning president obama will have to acknowledge that the economy is struggling while at the same time adding to his forward campaign proving he has what it takes to get the country back on track. second even though the dnc is taking place in charlotte, do not expect north carolina voters to necessarily swing toward obama. he did win the state by less than half a percent in '508 but this year, polls show romney has a better chance of picking up the vote. according to a university study over the weekend romney is up 47% to 43%. romne
FOX News
Sep 21, 2012 10:00am PDT
by some california landmarks. right now over los angeles on its way to permanent display at the california science consider. adam housley live at lax with more. >> reporter: a proud day to be an american. it took off his morning, flew north to sacramento over the say the capitol. flew over the golden gate bridge. it's headed down the coast towards the los angeles basin. we are told it's in the malibu area and it should be coming to where we are located in 45 minutes. it left southern california in 1991 as a replacement for challenger. not returns to its full-time home later today. we spoke with tom jones who has been on two shuttle mission. he says it was an important shuttle to for everyone involved and he's going to miss it. >> i think of it as a home. it's where i lived for three weeks. for me it was a magical vehicle that took me on the dream of a lifetime. >> reporter: this shuttle tour has overwhelmed southern california. there are thousands of people literally all over the big-time landmarks. griffith park, the getty museum. all around southern california people have come out. a lot
Sep 1, 2012 12:00am PDT
." for more, we turn to ken dilanian, who covers national security for the "los angeles times." >> ken, welcome to the program. so what's behind this decision on eric holder's part. >> well, a lot about this remains secret. this is a secret investigation of a classified operation. but what we know is that the justice department is saying they just couldn't make a case here, they're not say nothing crime was committed. and the other thing that it's important to understand about this is that these cases were not part of the enhanced interrogation technique program that the cia carried out. that conduct had already been investigated, no charges were filed. and holder had decided he wasn't going to hold anyone accountable for things they did pursuant to justice department leg opinion. so these were two cases in war zones where the allegations were the conduct exceeded the boundaries of what was permissible. >> even under those harsh interrogation techniques about which we heard and debated so much back when they came to light. so when he said the evidence wasn't admissible or there wasn't
Sep 7, 2012 1:00am PDT
platform recognizes marriage equality as a basic human right! >> los angeles mayor who is also the chair of the 2012 democratic national convention committee. now more from president obama's speech. >> this is the choice we now face. this is what the election comes down to. over and over we've been told by our opponents that bigger tax cuts and fewer regulations are the only way, that since government can do everything, it should do almost nothing. if you can afford health insurance, hope that you don't get sick. if a company releases toxic pollution into the air, your children breathe, well, that's thprice of progress. if you can't afford to start a business or go to college, take my opponent's advice and borrow money from your parents. you know what? that's not who we are. that's not what this country is about. as americans, we believe we are endowed by our creator with certain inailen inalienable rights that no man or government can take away. we insist on personal responsibility and we celebrate individual initiative. we're not entitled to success. we have to earn it. we honor the st
Sep 7, 2012 1:00pm PDT
purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? "endeavor" takes off for the last flight to los angeles. soon after, it travels final miles on the ground to its new home. that's where the controversy begins. casey wian explains. >> reporter: here is the problem. in front of me is one of the hundreds of trees, what's left of hundreds of trees cut down to clear a path for space shuttle's final trip. it will begin the final leg of the final journey here at los angeles international airport. it will then take a 12 mile trip along city streets to the california science center. even before the trip starts, it's already causing a lot of controversy. the main reason, all of these trees you see here and hundreds of others throughout the city are being taken out to make room for the space shuttle. along the route, it will pass famous l.a. landmarks, like randy's donuts, pass over the 405 freeway. i can't go on the freeway, it is too big to fit on the overpasses. the first stop is in t ewd w mohan130 trees already have been cut down. the mayor says it is a good deal for the city. >> one of the things yo
Sep 9, 2012 11:30am PDT
you. >> thanks for joining us from los angeles. all the best. >>> all right, a man-made winter wonderland in the middle of a desert? and it kind of looks like the real thing, doesn't it? except for maybe the painting on the wall. we're going to take you there. great shot. how did the nba become the hottest league on the planet? by building on the cisco intelligent network they're able to serve up live video, and instant replays, creating fans from berlin to beijing. what can we help you build? nice shot kid. the nba around the world built by the only company that could. cisco. ari'm fine.y, babe? ♪ ♪ ♪ with a subaru you can always find a way. announcer: love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. have more fiber than other leading brands. they're the better way to enjoy your fiber. >>> checking our top stories right now -- iraq's vice president has been sentenced to death in absentia. he fled the country months ago after allegedly being involved in the deaths after lawyer and an iraqi army general. he's also accused of running a death squad. the vice president says he is be
Sep 17, 2012 4:00am PDT
back decades. the "los angeles times" has gotten a hold of hundreds of documents that detail allegations against boy scout personnel and volunteers. and the files appear to show a pattern of protecting the accused, and even sweeping it under the rug. let's bring in one of the reporters on this story for the "l.a. times," jason felch is with us this morning. nice to talk to you. this is so shocking. 1600 confidential files is what you had a chance to look at between 1970 and 1991. explain to me where they were kept, and how they were found and how you got access to them. >> for the last 100 years the boy scouts have kept these files confidentially in national headquarters, which now is in irving, texas. they've never been released publicly. but they have started to come out through civil litigation. so the files that we looked at came out in a 1992 civil case in california. and there are thousands more that have never been released. >> of those 1600 cases, 500 of them were allegations that came from tips from people within the boy scouts. for example some boy scouts themselves
Sep 1, 2012 11:05pm EDT
at an ohio rally and the 1972 democratic convention. on newsmakers, the los angeles mayor, the chairman of the democratic national convention. he previews the convention that begins tuesday in charlotte, north carolina and talks about campaign issues. sunday at 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> i can only surmise, you know, there are a lot of cheap -- a lot of cages. >> i grabbed my cameraman and try to be important. >> i finagle my way onto one of the buses. the security council people seem pretty up sites. -- pretty uptight. are we the only ones here? the 99 bottles of beer on wall 99 bottles of beer ♪ come on, nobody? >> the french at the beginning of the crisis and here, we have --se belligerents fighters, >> it sounds to me like he is dodging the question. i walked out of my apartment in upper west side manhattan. nice place to live. i came out and i was greeted by a man who was very nicely dressed. in a well-made suit. waiting for me outside my apartment and he says "are you ami horowitz?" my spider since started tingling and i say yes. and he asked me if this movie
Sep 3, 2012 7:00am EDT
they have antonio villaraigosa, the mayor of los angeles, and chairman of the democratic national convention. he is the newsmaker this morning at the politico play book breakfast. that is due to start about 8:30 a.m. a couple of e-mails we've received on the question we're asking this morning of president obama's '08 supporters, i will be voting for president obama again, just because i like him, it has nothing to do with party, it is because is he as aligned himself with compassionon and i think he calls the world just a bit. another e-mail was bob, is bob from venice, florida, i went with obama four years ago as an independent and will do so again. the alternative is a pair of candidates who are building their campaign on a foundation of lies and distorted information. next call comes from armondo in bar harbor maine. are you sticking with the president in 2012? >> you know i'm not. i am desperately hopeing -- >> [inaudible] >> i think that when he started the term focusing on health care, i thought that was important, something that would help, business, right? if you think about the burd
FOX Business
Sep 22, 2012 4:00am EDT
and went from omaha, neb., to los angeles making it to the ground safely. it made for a very eventful friday. back to you. lou: you have to ask yourself how much of that is for the aarp business. we will see. >> of the arab world still raging with anti-american protests killing themselves demonstrating muslim children being called in to join because. this piece with his lot of lost cause? to the "a-team" reacts. congress racing for the exit to fiscal cliff loans. is the 112th edition the real do nothing congress? we have a shocking comparison for you. will leaders descend on the united states a next week for the united nations general assembly? mr. obama says no to the israeli prime minister. is that an amateur move? will it cost him at the polls? we taken up with the author of the best-selling book on the obama administration called the obama administration called the amateur. from maine to maui, thousands of high school students across the country are getting in on the action by volunteering in their community. it's great, helping others, and it feels good, too. are you in? whoa! an
FOX News
Sep 21, 2012 8:00am PDT
endeavour to its home in los angeles. it is on pretakeoff roll taxiing into position. the plane or planes are going to be flying over northern california, making sort of a historic tour flying past the golden gate bridge and san francisco skyline. supposed to take off five minutes from now. they have delayed this by an hour because of fog over san francisco, as so often happens in that city. they're hoping that the fog will be burned off by the time the shuttle endeavour gets off the ground hire at edwards air force base and gets up to the san francisco bay area. it will also be doing a flyover the los angeles area. we'll keep you updated. arthel: such a great sight when you see it up in the air. jon: that is a beautiful thing to see. i wish frankly it was still flying in space. but that's just me. arthel: i understand. when we come back 16 trillion in debt, $16. no worries but president obama under fire what he said on letterman on america's exploding debt. stephen hayes what he cause big whoppers on late night. jon: we'll put them to the truth-o-meter a bike ride in the country scary af
FOX News
Sep 22, 2012 9:00am PDT
presidents. >> mitt romney in the meantime southern california and los angeles and san diego. but he has no public events uma. >> thank you very much. >>> and new logos made by the obama campaign upset americans. those 69s on the campaign website are showing a redesigned american plagthat puts a obama logo where the stars normally go. check it out and let us know what you think. tweet your swars to us. go to hurricaneuma. and check out our shows web page fox web pages. and movie theater in colorado is set to reopen next year. owners say that the theators will be refurbished and redesigned. we learned that three shooting victims filed a lawsuit. jame they argue that at this time exit door should have had an alarm. some republicans are outraged over how the obama administration handled the murder of four americans. >> this president doesn't believe in american leadership. that's what it is all about. >> john mccain an outspoken critic and up next my one on one with him. >> a space marvel and approaching the milestone. we'll check in with the nasa scientist. hey! did you know that honey nut
Sep 15, 2012 9:00am PDT
.e.i. store in the same area brought in about 1,000 applications for the same number of jobs. "los angeles times" has a story with the title mitt romney plan ups taxes on many. the report says the governor's budget plan would significantly raisin come tax for families making between 100,000 and $200,000. the analysis found romney's plan could work but it would require eliminating the deductions for mortgage interest, charitable contribution and state and local taxes. >>> both sides in the presidential campaign trying to calibrate their messages on the unrest that has spread now beyond the middle east. for more on that and some new polls i'm joined by washington bureau chief for "usa today" susan page and editor in chief of -- reid wilson. >> susan, i'll begin with you. how are these protests and attacks playing out politically for both the president and mitt romney? >> i think they've got the potential to be pretty troublesome for both of them. mitt romney's gotten some criticism this week for speaking as the crisis was still unfolding, seeming opportunistic in talk about it. for president
Sep 9, 2012 7:00am PDT
to the california science center in los angeles. it will piggyback a modified 747 from florida to california. it's scheduled to leave on september 17 and will make low flyovers at cities including san francisco on its way to southern california. >>> many california towns are struggling but one is booming. bakersfield hasn't received the best reputation among people living in the state but according to a new report, unlike many cities, bakersfield is adding jobs and more people to its population and attracting more companies. according to state employment numbers, curran county has 5600 jobs from matching its peak employment number reached back in 2007. >>> california's economic comeback is slow but stud steady. our state is outperformed the national economy. the bay area is california's strongest regional economy with growth at or above 2% in each metro area. strong gain in vallejo/fairfield should continue throughout the year. >>> sunnyvale officials said apple bought more than 1 million square feet of new office space to make room for its expansion. the new space could accommodate up to 5,000
Sep 25, 2012 6:00am EDT
brown was an los angeles court room after testing positive for marijuana in virginia. the judge has to decide whether he by the probation. the singer told the judge he smoked pot in california, where he has a prescription card, but he was tested in virginia where he is a filling community service. he is on probation for the 2009 assad of his then girlfriend single auriana. -- assault of then girlfriend rihanna. another hour of news starts right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> of the calls for getting the nfl regular officials back on the field is reaching a shrill after a controversial finish on monday night football. >> dulles international airport says it is business as nude -- as usual in the parking garages following a bomb threat. >> the washington capitals have high expectations, that is, once they are allowed back on the ice. i'm cynne simpson. >> i'm brad bill -- brad delaware and 4 steve chenevey. >> a chilly start out there but clear. the weather had lines are pretty significant. first of all, this is the last gorgeous day of the w
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